The Apple Mac

Preferences of People

The Preferences of Developers and the General Public

The general public preferred Mac OS X. The results from three poll websites are listed on the spreadsheet listed below. The left lists results for Mac with the right for Windows.

Why Developers Use Mac

1. Google's engineers use a Macbook Pro because Mac OS X is Unix based.

2. Macs are the only computers that can writes code for devices running iOS and Mac OS X.

3. Macs can run more than one operating system using native software that is pre-installed on your computer. (Boot Camp)

Apple Profits and Trends


Apple had a gross profit of about 79.6 BILLION dollars last year. With 18 billion in profits in the first quarter of 2015.  Apple's gross margin is 39% which means they made 39% of profit for EACH product.


Their light design of computers and graphical user interface has been a trend since 1984. Macs are generally more stable and fast than computers running Windows since OS X is optimized for the system. They also have less viruses.

Expenses and Demographics


The first configuration of a 27 inch iMac (non retina) costs 2,000 dollars with an added Solid State Drive (SSD). It has a 256 gigabyte (GB) SSD with 8gbs of RAM and a 3.2 GHZ quad core Intel Core i5 processor. It also has a 27 inch 1440p display with an aluminum unibody and it is only 5mm thin (thinner than the iPad Air 2). The basic parts cost $792 dollars total.


People who DO use technology (in the US)

54% White

23% Asian

10% Other

7% Hispanic

6% Black


80% Men

20% Women


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