How did I make the theme my own?

I wanted to have a picture that was from the perspective of being below the the ground and looking up, instead of being above the ground and looking down.

What do I like about my photo?

I like the picture is from a different view point than most people's view point of the ground.

What would I change about my photo?

I would clean up one area in the picture were the cloning didn't do the best job.

What actions did I run and what did I do with these actions?

I used the cloning tool to cover up the reflection of my arm. I also used the action define and sharpen.

What did I use to take my photo?

Nikon D3200

What photo from last week do I think is the best and why?

My favorite picture from last week's theme of Lucky was Nicole Saltou's photo. Her editing brought out more detail in the horse's hair.