Bullying  needs  to  stop!

One Family's Story

There was a girl named Kelly she had autism. People were bullying Kelly outside of school, in school and ect. Kellys mom Miland was noticing the way it was happening later on. First when Kelly told the teacher the teacher said to just ignore it, then things got worse. So finally the mom found out.   link: http://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/kids-health/childrens/225995981.html.                              

                Ella's Story

                             There was a girl in 5th grade named Ella. She tried to cut her self because of what another girl said to her, that girl kicked Ella and punched Ella. And the worst part was that was the only friend she had, or so she thought. Then that girl said that Ella was bad things, so Ella put her hair over her face. There was this boy that Ella liked so that girl tried to pull her hair out of her face, Ella screeched and tried pulling it back but the more she would fight back the more this girl kept doing it. That night Ella looked in the mirror and told her self she was evrything that girl told her she was.Then she cut big in her arms and remembers falling to the ground and her mom rushing in. link :http://www.stampoutbullying.co.uk/things_by_you/stories/Ella.

  Facts:How you know bullying: If you know they are acting strange because they are out of place. Also they will be down and maybe saying bad things about themselves. Also they may talk about killing themselves.

Opinion:My opinion about bullying is that it is sick and if it happens then you know it by them threatening to kill themselves and feeling bad about themselves. Also bullying needs to stop, do whatever you can to make bullying stop, please.


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