The Great War Has Begun!

April 6, 1917 - Follow the timeline here:

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Assassinated!

Ferdinand is shot to death along with his wife, by a Serbian nationalist in Sarjevo, Bosnia, on June 28, 1914. The Archduke was celebrating his anniversary, this day, June 28, with his wife. The assassin was the 19 year old Gavrilo Princip, who shot into the car killing the two at point blank. Many are blaming the Serbian government for this attack. Later the same day, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. This assassination is widely regarded as sparking World War I.

War Wages on

State of the War:

Italy has joined Austria-Hungary and Germany, formerly members of the Dual Alliance, to form the Triple Alliance. Germany and Austria-Hungary have formed this alliance to prevent Italy from taking sides with Russia, a bordering country of both nations. France, Britain, and Russia have formed a pact called the Triple Entente in response to the Triple Alliance. This will force Germany to fight the war on two fronts: the Western Front with France and Britain and the Eastern Front with Russia. These Alliances have caused great tensions between the European powers, inevitably causing nothing other than a great war.

A Probable Cause: Imperialism

Imperialism occurs when a powerful nation-state seizes territories outside its own borders, transforming and governing them as colonies. During the late 19th century, the British Empire was on a race to acquire the last territories open for colonization in Africa, where Britain, France and Germany also all competed for new colonial possessions. This ‘scramble for empire’ fuelled rivalry and led to several diplomatic incidents, such as two ‘Moroccan crises’ that were largely Instigated by the German kaiser. The deterioration of the Ottoman Empire, attracted the attention of European powers, who sought territory, influence or access in the Balkans and eastern Europe.

The Sussex  Pledge: Another Ally

The Sussex Pledge On May 6, 1916 the Sussex Pledge was signed by the German government. This pledge promised to stop the sinking the non military ships, such as those with merchandise. Germany, after signing the Sussex Pledge, has continued its actions and has sunk a nonmilitary ship. With no other choice, the United States has declared war on Germany.

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