Greek Death and Afterlife

What ancient Greeks believe happened

he doesn't look like much, but he is still the god of the underworld

     Greek deaths came very early with men at war and women with birth but because of this they thought of a life after death and to help with this the funeral was very dramatic and sad sometimes. And to remember you your tombstone (if you had one) it had yourself on it! And when you were in the underworld you met a ferryman named Charon but the "ch" made a "k" sound and he would take you across the river Styx. And if you weren't properly buried you had to wait 100 years to cross the river and the ferryman to take you over. Hades is the god of the under world not death himself but the ruler of the underworld. When you died, people usually gave gifts or something called a farewell vase and offerings as well food and drink. And when a hero died (such as ajax when he committed suicide) there were many gifts and offerings surrounding there tomb.

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(Persephone is the daughter of Zeus)

I sing now of the great Demeter

Of the beautiful hair,
And of her daughter Persephone
Of the lovely feet,
Whom Zeus let Hades tear away
From her mother's harvests
And friends and flowers—
Especially the Narcissus,
Grown by Gaia to entice the girl
As a favor to Hades, the gloomy one.
This was the flower that
Left all amazed,
Whose hundred buds made
The sky itself smile.
When the maiden reached out
To pluck such beauty,
The earth opened up
And out burst Hades …
The son of Kronos,
Who took her by force
On his chariot of gold,
To the place where so many
Long not to go.
Persephone screamed,
She called to her father,
All-powerful and high, …
But Zeus had allowed this.
He sat in a temple
Hearing nothing at all,
Receiving the sacrifices of
Supplicating men.

Underworld rivers and gods

the main underworld river is the Styx river but there are more such as the kokytos river also the Akheron river the Pyriphlegethonand and the Lethe river there are five rivers in total. now for the gods The gods of the underworld were named "Theoi Khthonioi" by greeks. Hades the god of the underworld, was a son of the Titans cronus and Rhea. He had three sisters, Demeter, Hestia, and Hera, also two brothers, Zeus, the youngest of the three, and Poseidon.

If you were good this was where you were sent.


Elysium or the Elysian fields is a conception of the afterlife that developed over time and was maintained by certain Greek religious sects and cults. Initially separate from the realm of Hades, enterance was reserved for mortals related to the gods and other heroes. Later, it expanded to include those chosen by the gods, the righteous, and the heroic, where they would remain after death, to live a blessed and happy life, and indulging in whatever employment they had enjoyed in life

only the first song is ancient Greek music. 

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