Greek Gods

Wisdom For All

Major Gods & Goddesses

The Mamor Gods are the gods that gathered on the Solstices to have meetings. They are:

Zeus-    God of Lighting, Storms, and the sky.                      Roman Aspect  Jupiter

Poseidon-    God of Water, Hurricanes, and the Ocean.   Roman Aspect  Neptune

Hades-       God of the Underworld and Riches.                     Roman Aspect  Pluto

Hera-     Goddess of Marriage                                                 Roman Aspect  Juno

Aphrodite-   Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Flirting                 Roman Aspect  Venus

Athena-    Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategy          Roman Aspect Minerva

Hephaestus- God of MetalWorking and Fire                           Roman Aspect  Vulcan

Apollo-   God of Music, Poetry, The Arts, and Healing           Roman Aspect   Apollo

Artemis- Goddess of The Hunt                                                Roman Aspect   Diana

Helios-    God of the Sun                                                         Roman Aspect Sol

Selene-  Goddess of the Moon                                                Roman Aspect  Luna

Ares-   God of War                                                                    Roman Aspect Mars

Demeter- Goddess of the Harvest                                            Roman Aspect Ceres

Dionysus- God of Wine and Parties                                      Roman Aspect Bacchus

Hermes- God of Tricks and Pranks                                       Roman Aspect Mercury

Hestia- Goddess of the Hearth & Home                                   Roman Aspect Vesta

Minor Gods & Goddesses

Aeolus- God of the Winds

Iris- Goddess of the Rainbow

Eos- Goddess of Dawn

Eros- God of Love

Hypnos- God of Sleep

Nike- Goddess of Victory

Phobias- Goddess of Fear


Gaia- Mother Earth

Tartarus- The Pit

Pontus- The Ocean

Uranus- The Heavens

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