Messenger of the gods


-Son of Zeus and Maia

-Children: Abderus, Angelia, Autolycus, Eleusis, Eros, Hermaphroditos, Palaistra, Pan, and Tyche (plus some mortals)

-Never married but had many love affairs

-Loves: Aphrodite, Brimo, Daeira, Peitho, and Persephone (plus some mortals)

-Siblings: Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Dyonysus, Helen, Heracles, Mino, Persephone, and Perseus

Human Weakness

-Hermes had an irresistible desire to steal since his birth

-He is the god of cheaters and thieves

Physical Appearance

-Young man

-Often pictured with curly hair

-Wears winged hat and sandals

-Carries a staff with snakes and wings on it


-When Hermes was an infant, he went on an adventure to Pieria. When he arrived he found his half-brother Apollo's herd of cattle, Hermes turned all the cattle's hoofs backwards and marched them to his cave in Mount Cyllene in Arcadia. When Apollo found out he went to Hermes' cave and took him to Zeus and the court. Hermes eventually told the truth but Zeus found the story amusing so he did not punish him. Because he felt bad about it, Hermes gave Apollo his lyre (musical instrument made from a turtle shell). To compensate for his kindness Apollo let Hermes keep his herd of cattle.

Mythical 'Facts'

-Was only god allowed to go in Heaven, Earth, and The Underworld

-Directed and helped souls to the Underworld

-The caduceus, Hermes staff, was given to him by his father Zeus to acknowledge him as the official messenger of the gods. Whenever anyone saw Hermes with his staff they knew he was going to deliver an official message


turtle, bag of gold, goat, fish, a palm tree, winged sandals, and a staff

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