Green Corn Ceremony

The Green Corn Ceremony is celebrated by two major tribes known as the Cherokee Indians and the Creek Indians. The ritual is still alive today and being preformed today.

The Cherokee Indians

The Cherokee Indians occupied land from the bottom of the Blue Ridge region to the northern edge of Ga. And more. Even though with the incident with Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United states, basically kicked them off their land determined to weed out of those worthless indians ,(just because there was gold on their land mind you) they still managed to survive the Trail of Tears. Why Andrew Jackson was such a hater, I can't explain, but if there's one thing we should call him it's: He-Who-Should-NEVER-Be-Mentioned-Since-He-Kicked-Indians-Off-Their-Land-Just-For-Fun.

what a moron

The point being is that the Cherokees survived the harsh hike from Georgia to Oklahoma during the heart of winter. I am not saying that they all survived, in fact tons of the Cherokees died from frostbite and the ground was so cold that they weren't able to dig deep enough for their fallen comrades, neighbors, and even family. Feeling some hatred or resentment to the seventh president now? Don't worry about falling to the dark side if you are, it's natural to feel hatred to this jerk president. But enough about their suffering, lets talk about their one of their biggest celebrations that even now they celebrate.

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The creek Indians always give thanks. I'm thankful for my family my awesome life so far. What I'm really thankful for is god creating the ground we stand for. Another thing I am great full for is the men and women serving for  our country .


Dear Landon, I am very sorry that I killed your dog on our last hunting trip. I genuinely thought it was a buck so I released my arrow and it killed Rufus. I am very sorry that this event occurred and I want to repay you by giving you my best trophy and I also want you to take two of my best hunting dogs. Please forgive me. I understand if you have a grudge against me but I just wanted to tell you that I really am sorry.   Best wishes, Devin

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