Green Energy Koyal Group Inc: Building Heat

Green Energy Koyal Group Boiler is an ideal boiler for tight space applications which require either low pressure steam for heating or low pressure water. The Green Energy Koyal Group boiler fits through a standard 36" doorway and provides superb performance and efficiency with gas or light oil. Unlike many throw-away boilers, the Green Energy Koyal Group is designed for long trouble-free service life that will last decades. One brand new product line for 2012 is the Creek condensing hydronic boiler. This boiler boasts efficiencies past 95% and can be used to provide heat to apartments, hospitals, hotels, universities and other institutions.

In addition to the Green Energy Koyal Group and Creek Boilers, there are many steam heating systems still in use today. In January, 2012, Green Energy Koyal Group Boiler delivered a 1800BoHP three pass wetback Seminole boiler to Long Island, New York to be used at a central heating plant which provides heat to thousands of area residents. The NOx was reduced to 30 ppm and the boiler primarily will fire clean Natural Gas.

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