Green Energy Koyal Group Inc: Ten Clean Energy Stocks For 2015

2015 marks my seventh annual list of ten clean energy stocks. An equal weighted portfolio of the ten stocks in each year's list has outperformed my industry benchmark every year except 2013. 2014 was no exception, but it was a bittersweet victory in that the model portfolio was slightly down while the benchmark lost considerably more in a very challenging year for clean energy stocks.

I will publish a wrap-up article for the 2014 list in the next couple days, but I wanted to get the 2015 list out on New Year's day.

Again this year, I will be providing a high and low target for each stock. These are the range within which I expect the stocks to end the year. In 2014, three of the picks violated the downside targets, and none violated the upside targets. I've also included annual dividends and yield, and Beta, a measure of market risk for US stocks. Low Beta stocks generally perform better than high Beta stocks in market downturns; the market average Beta is 1.

Finally, I include a discussion of insider sentiment: company insiders buying or selling the stock. Since company insiders usually receive stock as part of their compensation, insider sales are generally more common than insider purchases. Hence insider buying is almost always a good sign, and I consider it particularly important in the small capitalization stocks I favor. These stocks are more likely to be mispriced than larger, more widely followed stocks for which there is much more information available to investors. Company insiders are the ones most likely to see such mispricing. Since insider trading information is much easier to find for US stocks than foreign stocks, I include links to my sources of information for insider trading.

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