Green Beer Day

Thursday, March 20, 2014
Miami University in Oxford, Ohio

GBD: Miami University's "Biggest Tradition"

Green Beer Day (GBD) is an entire day of drinking, that sometimes spans even longer than 24 hours. The tradition of GBD started at Miami and was first celebrated in 1952.

Every year, GBD falls on the Thursday before Spring Break. This is because St. Patrick's Day used to be during Miami's Spring Break, and the students did not like missing out on spending such a fun holiday with their friends.

GBD Agenda

Students who celebrate Green Beer Day usually wake up around 2am (but the festivities seem to be starting earlier and earlier each year), they sport their green shirts that were designed specifically for that year's GBD, and going to parties that are serving green eggs, green kegs, green jello-o shots...all things green! Bars open around 5am, several "cat naps" are taken throughout the day, and the festivities continue until the early morning hours of the next day.

GBD T-Shirts

Each year, several groups of students form to come up with various GBD t-shirt designs, hoping to have better options and higher sales than the other student groups. From what I've heard, these students make KILLER PROFITS. I'm serious, some students make over a thousand dollars in profit.

Here are some of the t-shirts that are being sold this year:

The best holiday on Miami's campus is almost here, so order your shirts, start training your liver, and get ready for fun!