Cherokee Green Corn Ceremony

Why did they celebrate this?

The Cherokee celebrated this holiday in thanks for the food they have. They would have traditional dance and games. Then they would pray for forgiveness in which this is a time for renewal. Also the would fix or throw away old or broken things like pottery or toys.Finally they would have a huge meal when the chief thought it was the perfect time.

When and why was it held?

It was held on late June or to about early July for about four days. It was held because they believed that there gods wanted them to repent from there bad choices. Also they held it because they want to celebrate what their gods had given them.

How did they celebrate?

They celebrate with many traditions. First the tribe faat for about 8 days then they play games like stickball and other games. Then they take medicine and pray and ask for forgiveness for what they had done and replaced old materials by throwing them away or fixing them. Finally they would feast for about 4 days.


The first picture is representing the dance part of the ceremony. They would dance for days on end until it was time to eat. So in the second picyre show them preparing for the feast. This would be the most exciting part of the ceremony. It was the time that was after the forgiveness and they knew that they had been forgiven. In the final picture it is a traditional game played during the green corn ceremony. They also would play this during the fasting.