The Green Corn Ceremony

1. *The Creek and Cherokee were celebrating because of the new  corn and new crops from the summer . They  were also celebrating so they get good and new crops for next year . During this celebration they gave thanks for what their thankful for and some talked about someone they have wronged or a person they have  done something wrong to , and they would apologize  to the person they have wronged . This ceremony was like New Years for Native Americans , they wanted something better for them next year the corn was like the collards ,cornbread ,and eyed peas it was their luck and money to them for the year .

2.   * When and Why*- The Green Corn Ceremony was held during the time of a full moon, and this was when the first corn crop was ready to harvest. This occasion usually took place in late summer. However, there is no exact date when the corn would be ready. The Creek often celebrated it with thanks. The Cherokee on the other hand, used this ceremony to give apologies and forgiveness to others. The Cherokee also focused on balance and harmony and forgetting their enemies. They both however celebrated life, kinship, and corn!  This ''corn'' was their major crop! The ceremony took several days to fit in other traditions. One is, a holy man will tend a sacred fire for the people to visit. The people will then drink the ''Black Drink,'' to help them cleanse themselves ; this could cause vomiting. They would also honor the renewal of life. The fire also helped out make time for retelling the tribe's history. After the singing, dancing, playing, and feasting, the Creek and Cherokee would extinguish and relight the council fire. This is when and why the Creek and Cherokee celebrated life with the ''Green Corn Ceremony.''     

3.   *The creek and Cherokee Indians celebrated the  green corn ceremony celebration by praying to god for giving them the corn,and celebrated the new crops. \The Indians were really ritual so every year they celebrated that the following year would have the corn they needed. When they first found the crop they were thankful that they actually found a crop that could supply them for a long time. When they celebrated they had a big fire and food. They had dances going on around the fire to celebrate. When they did this they thought that god would supply them with more crops the following year . They kept to try to get more crops the next year .That's how they celebrated The Green Corn Ceremony .  

*The Creek and Cherokee celebrated this ceremony by dancing alot*

                                             *The Green Corn Festival poster