Greenfoot Global Aims To Provide Independent Entrepreneurs A Sustainable, Long-Term Business Opportunity

Co-founded by Bill and Mary Hyman in 2010, Greenfoot Global is a reputed international firm that offers an EPA registered and patented product – Fe TabsCommitted to marketing products that have a positive impact on the lives of people, the company also trains independent entrepreneurs in network marketing so that they can make money by introducing the product to other people.

So far, Greenfoot Global has managed to sell their amazing product in more than forty countries through the collective efforts of numerous individual entrepreneurs. The owners of the company – Bill and Mary Hyman being seasoned network marketers themselves train individuals interested in making the most of this sustainable, long-term business opportunity. To make sure they are able to quickly learn various network marketing strategies, they create excellent training materials for them. Keeping in mind diverse needs, preferences, and budget of people, they offer them several training options that they can consider. For instance, they provide online training(individual training), as well as group training.

Besides providing an amazing money making opportunity to independent entrepreneurs, Bill and Mary Hyman serve as consultants for numerous network marketing firms. In fact, they are not only master trainers but also accomplished speakers and have been the guest speaker on dozens of radio and television programs and the authors of “Chicken Soup for the Network Marketers Soul” Besides that, they have been the focus of feature articles in several industry publications as well. So far, in their respective successful network marketing careers, both Bill and Mary Hyman have trained tens of thousands of people in numerous countries and helped them accelerate their journey to success. With the aim to continue helping people and the planet, they have established their own company – Greenfoot Global, which has quickly gained recognition worldwide.

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