Greenies Dental Chews Dog Toothbrush Reviews 2015

Greenies dental chews reviews are a favorite treat for dogs of all sizes!

My dog, Czara, is an eight year old Yorkie – Silkie mix who absolutely loves GREENIES – she loves the flavor apparently and she gets a good chewing exercise from each one. This is good because GREENIES are so good for her! What I am about to share with you is an honest Greenies dental chews review!

Czara came to me as a rescue dog so she was not in the best of shape health wise and her dental health was a disaster. After several vet visits, and much frustration on my part with a doggie toothbrush and toothpaste, GREENIES were recommended as a maintenance treat for her. GREENIES were the first dog treat in the world to receive the Veterinarian Oral Health Council Seal of Acceptance for plaque removal tartar control. They are a total oral health solution for your dog, plus they’re easy to digest and apparently taste great.

GREENIES Canine Dental Chews are clinically proven to clean teeth, freshen breath and maintain healthier teeth and gums through the use of natural ingredients such as wheat and rice flours, oat fiber, vegetable proteins, fruit solids, vitamins and minerals combined with the dog’s natural chewing action. GREENIES unique shape cleans the teeth and stimulates the gums while challenging the dog’s natural chewing instincts during their daily ‘brushing’ activity. GREENIES are also considered low fat because they contain less than 20% crude fats and, as a bonus, contain no artificial dyes!

My ‘little girl’ loves her treat time and it’s so simple to help her have a healthy mouth and subsequently a healthier body. I just feed her one GREENIES per 5 pounds of body weight per day. These are treats meant for adult dogs and there are 5 unique sizes designed for various sizes of dogs – TEENIE, petite, regular, large, and jumbo.

GREENIES even come in formulas for Hip and Joint Care, Weight Management, Senior dogs and Pill Pockets for those difficult medication times. This means you never have to guess if you are feeding the right treat to your furry family member.

As with anything you feed your pet, please follow the instructions. Just like any other pet owner, I researched this product before giving it to my little girl and found reports of pets becoming ill after eating GREENIES and other pet treats.

It’s important to remember, these treats are not meant for puppies, for dogs under 5 pounds or for dogs who gulp or don’t chew their food. Also, overfeeding of any treat can cause gastrointestinal distress like bloating, drooling and even vomiting. Keeping all treats to 15% or less of the total daily calories will help avoid any of these symptoms. I was also pleased to find that GREENIES are manufactured in Kansas City, Missouri so they haven’t been included in any of the infamous dog treat recalls. Also, by following the instructions on the package, my Czara has had years of enjoyable chewing pleasure without incident.

GREENIES are available at, with a variety to choose from to match your dog's needs.

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