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About Greg Davis Lawyer Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona-based lawyer Greg Davis of Davis Limited law firm offers experienced legal counsel and representation in the areas of family and civil law. As the managing attorney of Davis Limited, Greg Davis leads a team of lawyers primarily engaged with Arizona residents. He and his colleagues excel in the delivery of compassionate, people-centered legal services that respect all parties involved and that focus on ensuring the best possible outcomes for couples and their children. Mr. Davis and his team recognize that family law involves more than divorce; it centers on protecting and supporting relationships, children, homes, and finances.

At Davis Limited in Arizona, Greg Davis and his fellow lawyers provide results-driven representation. They work closely with their clients to identify their legal needs and objectives, all the while offering honest feedback and answers. They also provide a variety of payment structures, including flat fees and task-based fees, depending on clients’ financial situations. Additionally, they possess a solid track record of finding creative solutions to complex legal problems, accomplished through experience and a dedicated work ethic.

Greg Davis earned his juris doctor from Emory University School of Law before beginning his career. A seasoned trial lawyer, he founded Davis Limited of Arizona in 2000.

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