Greg Montoya

A Businessman Active in the Community

About Greg Montoya

Greg Montoya, an experienced entrepreneur and marketing expert, assists executives by helping them hone their business skills and improve companies’ performance. He has spoken to professional audiences at hundreds of workshops and seminars around the globe. Major television outlets like CNBC and MSNBC and print outlets including Cutting Edge Opportunities and Success have featured Greg Montoya's commentary on business matters, and he has personally coached and mentored corporate executives and celebrities.

In his private life, Greg Montoya grows his spiritual health by closely studying and following the Holy Bible. His Christian faith inspired him to establish a community service organization dedicated to fighting homelessness. The nonprofit, called Busses for Christ, delivers essential supplies like blankets, clothing, and food to financially disadvantaged persons. Greg Montoya founded Busses for Christ after witnessing the hardship his older brother endured after a period of homelessness. In addition to providing material goods, the nonprofit group informs homeless individuals that his or her life has God-given purpose.

For more information about Busses for Christ, please visit the ministry's website at

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