Gregory Goss - Freshwater New Hampshire

Gregory Goss loves fishing. He is an avid fisherman that gets out to do this activity every chance he gets. He lives in New Hampshire, one of the country’s best states to be a hobbyist in this popular sport.

Gregory Goss has been fishing for almost all of his life and he knows the waters, seasons and fish that are best to get around the year. One of those ways to look at fishing is by separating it out into the types of water you fish in. He has many options to choose from as there are many bodies of water in the area. There are many lakes, streams, ponds and rivers are among the best in freshwater fishing venues. In the waters of New Hampshire, he has come to know the best fish to get in freshwater bodies. They include such epic fish as the walleye, which are major fish that live in streams and lakes.

They are nocturnal and are rarely seen during the day. These are highly prized fish because of their nature of hiding during the daytime. Another fish is the northern pike. These fish are exclusively found in only the most select spots across the state. This fish is regarded as a predator because they eat other fish when they are young and as adults. Fishing for northern pike is considered healthy for the fish population because of their nature. Another fish that is popular is the lake trout. A classic American fish, they are large fish that can get up to about ten pound in weight and people can be found ice fishing for these popular fish in the winter months.

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