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As the co-founder, chief executive officer, and managing partner of Redwood Capital Group, Gregory Bedrosian of Greenwich Connecticut oversees a global investment banking firm. Bringing more than two decades of experience to the New York-based organization, Bedrosian advises clients in fields ranging from information technology and media to communications and business services. Since founding the company over a decade ago, he has handled multiple multi-million dollar deals related to mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and private equity co-investments. Moreover, Bedrosian arranged a joint venture with LD&A Redwood, which provides his firm with access to offices in seven US and European cities.

Bedrosian attended the University of Pennsylvania as an undergraduate, graduating summa cum laude with a bachelor's degree in economics before completing his MBA at Harvard Business School. Today, he sits on the institution’s Alumni Board of Directors (Emeritus).

After completing his studies at Harvard Business School, Gregory Bedrosian joined the Merchant Banking Group at Credit Suisse First Boston in London. In this position, he developed one of the first investment funds to focus on Russia following the fall of the USSR. Subsequently, he co-founded the Russia-based Renaissance Capital and Sputnik Group. This organization established some of the first financial institutions in Russia, Eastern Europe, and other emerging markets during the 1990s.

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The Year of the Entrepreneur

“What can we look forward to after the worst U.S. economic and financial crisis in decades, possibly since the Great Depression? As crazy as it sounds at first, I believe 2010 will be the year of the entrepreneur.”

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World’s Greatest Emerging Market

“My mentor, a very successful international investor, recently challenged me to name the world’s greatest emerging market. Knowing of my on-the-ground experience and career-long interest in emerging markets, he paused with a smile as I considered the logical answers — China, India, Brazil and Russia. Or perhaps he had in mind a “frontier market” of Sub-Saharan Africa or South-East Asia. But his answer surprised me — the USA.”

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Gregory Bedrosian | Redwood Capital Group

“Gregory Bedrosian is responsible for the overall strategic direction and management of the firm and takes an active role in Redwood’s relationships across the corporate and investment communities.”

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“We’re Investment Bankers And We’re Here To Help.”

“In the great financial bail-out, Americans know they’re getting a $700 billion bill for cleaning up a mess made by others. As reluctant buyers in history’s largest transaction what they need is, well, an investment banker. Our job is to advise clients about financial transactions – often to help clarify where they stand after closing a complex, “must-do” deal.”

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What Egemin Group’s Acquisition of Retrotech Means

Gregory Bedrosian of Greenwich, Connecticut, holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. The recent recipient of the 2016 M&A Advisor Leadership Award, Gregory Bedrosian cofounded Redwood Capital Group in 2003. He continues to commute from Connecticut to the company’s headquarters in New York City to fulfill his leadership position with Redwood.

Redwood Capital Group served as an advisor to Legris Industries in a transaction at the beginning of 2016. Owner of Retrotech Inc. at the time, Legris Industries came to an agreement with Egemin Group Inc., the company that acquired the systems integrator for automated warehouse and distribution solutions.

The sale involved an estimated $40 million and is expected to strengthen Egemin Group’s automation division. The CEO of the KION Group, the German company that owns Egemin Group, anticipates the sale to improve its role in Industry 4.0, a newer concept that is based on cyber-physical systems, such as virtual instruments that produce simulations. In addition, the location of Retrotech in the United States will increase awareness about Egemin Group in North America.