You'll dye without it

Are you going out into space, to a planet with no resources that you know nothing about? You have to bring Cobalt, along with some other elements, if you want to survive where you're going.

Information on Cobalt

Properties of Cobalt

Cobalt is a transition metal on the Periodic Table. Its atomic number is 27 and its atomic mass is 58.93. Cobalt is in period 4 and group 9 on the Periodic Table. Cobalt  is very useful depending on the situation you're in.

  • Cobalt has a melting point of 1493°C (2719.4°F).
  • Cobalt has a boiling point of 2927 °C (5301 °F)
  • Cobalt is ductile and barely malleable
  • Cobalt is magnetic
  • Can react with acids to create Hydrogen gas

How Cobalt Came to Be Known

The element Cobalt was discovered in 1739, by a Swedish chemist named Georg Brandt. Brandt was trying to prove to everyone that that the mineral that gave glass its blue color was not Bismuth, but some unknown element, not yet discovered.

Where Do You Find Cobalt?

Cobalt can be found as a byproduct when you refine or mine for nickel, silver, lead, copper or iron. You can also find Cobalt in meteorites, if any of those happen to be laying around.

How is Cobalt Useful?

Cobalt is used in so many things that you and I use every day! From alloys for jet engines and gas turbines to magnetic steels and some types of stainless steels. Cobalt is used to make many other things too. Cobalt is  also used to dye things whether it be a glass bowl or the color for a designer dress.

Not only is Cobalt useful in things we use every day, it can help cure sicknesses like cancer. Cobalt-60 can produce powerful gamma rays to fight against cancer. We also need Cobalt in our body, because Cobalt is a part of vitamin B12 which is very important to our health because it is important for the functionality of the brain, our metabolism, creating red blood cells and B12 is involved in the making of our DNA.

Why You HAVE to Bring Cobalt

If you aren't already convinced that Cobalt is a must have element when going to a desolate planet, I'll give you some more reasons.

You could trade Cobalt with other people for things that you may be running low on, after you've been on an unknown planet for a couple of weeks.

You don't know what's on this planet where you're going. There's nothing there to help you if something floating in outer space decides to hurdle toward the planet. You would be lucky to have Cobalt, because, with other elements, you could build a car and get away, at least to the other side of the planet where it is safer.

Cobalt is an element that is essential to man. Only twenty-seven elements are essential to man, and Cobalt is one of them. I really don't think that you would want to leave something behind on Earth the is essential to your life, do you?


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