Gretchen Schmollinger

Day 1

Today we made robots out of Legos or clay. My inspiration for my robot is really cute robots. I really love my robot. She is adorable.

Day 2

Today we made giant castles out of cardboard. Our castle is awesome. It had a terrible name thanks to Lucas,  and I will not tell you this terrible name. The castle won most creative because it had a gate and a drawbridge. It also has a T.V on top of it and and a cell phone monarchy.    

Day 3

Today I designed a cell phone case that will be 3D printed. We also learned how to use design software that you use to make objects for the printer. I messed up the design so the case doesn't fit on my phone. The picture in purple is the design and the picture in green is the finished product.

Bunny rabbit iPhone case!!!!!!!!!

Day 4

Today we made name keychains in TinkerCad. We also created these Tackks. My keychain is getting printed tomorrow, and I will work on this Tackk tomorrow and next week. The design for my keychain is the multi-colored picture and the white picture is the finished product.

First name keychain!!!!!!!

Day 5

Today  we made castles in TinkerCad. I actually copied the design for my castle (not the stuff around it) from a website called I made a fence and a moat around the castle. I really like my castle.

Day 6

Today we started our final project for the week. I am making a Martian Space Home. I will have to have it printed in different parts because it is very large. I have not finished it yet.  I am participating in the Thingiverse Maker Challenge to make a Mars Space Station.

Day 7

Today I finished the living quarters of my Mars base. It took a lot of time and effort to make it because I had to make a ton of furniture. It has a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen. The furniture will have to be printed separately and so does the roof because the design would be to big if we printed them together. I also started a rocket for my base.  

Day 8

Today I made an elephant. I downloaded the elephant from Thingiverse. After I downloaded the elephant, I had to to make it my own, so I added a tail, a bow and a tutu. The elephants name is Tootsie.

Day 9

Today my elephant was printed. It did not end up like I wanted it to, because it was super rough and the tutu and the bow didn't fully print. I started a house that will have 2 floors and a roof. I will be able to remove the floors and roof from each to see inside. The first floor of the house is the first picture and it has the kitchen, the table, the couch and the T.V. The second floor of the house is the second picture and it has the bedroom and the bathroom. The third picture is the roof and the fourth is the finished elephant. Today is my last day of camp.