Day 8 & 9
I was working on some Pokemon on I picked these three Pokemon because they have a unique look to them which was easy to find the right shape to make them.

Day 7
I designed a Pokeball, a DS, Ash Ketchum's hat, and edited my Eevee and Surskit

Day 6

I made two Pok'emon and a camera
because I like to watch Pok'emon videos and movies on YouTube and I hope one day I can be a video make.

Day 5
We are all making 3d sand castles and it's really fun! What I'm going to do is probably edit the roof once it's printed out and maybe soon print out the dragon I made to go with the castle.

Day 4

We all made keychains created on ( which was also fun too.

Day 3

I made this eevee I designed from the Pokemon series. Because eevee is my favorite Pokemon! Which I had a lot of fun making. The shapes I used to make eevee was an egg, donut, bunny ears, and a sphere to make my eevee look so cute.

Day 2

we made castles and my groups castle was the most durable one. I worked with John, Nick, and Kyah we worked really well together.

Day 1


we made models out of clay and LEGO's and that was the best day ever!! what I made a Ditto, an Eevee, a Seel, and a cube.