* A Costarican Christmas*

By Taliah Adams

The family Traditions

The first Christmas in Costa Rica was declared a national holiday in 1606. The 9 days before Christmas are called Posada . Within these days the family gathers different decorations to decorate the living room. Much like the american culture except they use grass , plants , branches , etc instead of lights , mistletoe , and ornaments. Christmas is "christ" based. Costa ricans use mangers , mary , joseph , the three kings , etc as Christmas icons. The tree is placed in there home a few days before , and is esentially white. Instead of using stockings for Santa , kids leave their shoes by the tree the night before for the " christ child " to fill them with goodies. They are normally asked christmas morning " What did the baby bring you ".  Typically the christmas eve dinner is usually held late at night. It takes alot of preparation for this feast.  Many costaricans prepare almost a week in advance to be ready the day of Christmas. To end the holiday season in january they have what is called an epiphany.

Costa Rica has many festivals and parades to celebrate the holiday season

- One of the main festivities costa ricans enjoy is the Toros a laTicia Bull Fights. This is when a group of men are put in an arena and try to make a bull scared into chasing them.

- La Yeguita Fiesta is a festival or parade where everyone gathers and normally in the beginning of December to celebrate the virgin of guataloupe

- Los Negritos Fiesta is another festival including the catholic rituals

- Caroling

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