What To Do When You Get A DUI

Getting a DUI or driving under influence ticket is a serious offence. It leaves a permanent mark on your civilian record and such things can always be pulled up anytime in the future and used against you. All states in the United States of America have declared driving under influence or driving with intoxication as an offense. So if you are caught driving while you are drunk or are stopped for something else and the police suspects you of drunk driving then you will charged for it. Every state has set a maximum Blood Alcohol Count which is 0.08 percent. However if you are in Atlanta and you find yourself in need of an Atlanta DUI lawyer then you can get in touch with Carnell Law firm. This law firm has a lot of experience in catering to the needs of people who have been charged with a DUI.

Such charges have serious consequences because your driver’s license may also get suspended. In such cases once you are charged you should opt for a court hearing where your fate would be decided by a judge. And at such times you should consult with an experienced Atlanta DUI attorney who would be able to assist you and guide you in this case. A professional representation is important because you would not be familiar with the legal procedure involved in this case and thus stand the chance to have your driver’s license permanently revoked. If you have experienced and professional Atlanta DUI lawyers to support you then they would be able to direct you and counsel you as to what you should do. If you believe the DUI can have the maximum penalty of paying a fine then you are mistaken. If you mess up your DUI court hearing then you may also have to spend some time in jail, which would not be a welcome idea.

There are many other auto related incidents that demand the presence of a professional such as auto accidents. Whether the accident was your fault or not, you would be hauled in by the authorities and subjected to various questions. You should call in car accident lawyer in Atlanta so that you are sure that your statements are not misinterpreted and the liability does not fall back on you. A lawyer would be able to guide you at every step which would be beneficial for you. Apart from this, in case the accident was not your fault, a good lawyer would also be able to fight for you to get a suitable compensation. One of the best accident attorneys in Atlanta is Carnell Law firm who will be able to give you very good representation and advice as to the right course of action. Before you take any step on your own about such things, even a DUI, you should consult with professionals. Otherwise the consequences might get difficult to handle later when you would find yourself facing charges or being scammed out of compensation.

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