Griffith Laboratories

innovation and unparalleled flavor to the food

About Griffith Laboratories

Griffith Laboratories has a history of global innovation as it strives to “make the world’s food better.” As a global food product manufacturer with a presence in 17 countries, the company has a commitment to locally supporting its customers worldwide from the Americas to Europe, the Middle East, India, and Asia. Each local facility brings its customers the pioneering food science on which Griffith has built its reputation along with qualitative market research and unparalleled local market insight to ensure a distinct and exciting contribution to the customer’s target demographic.
Marketing to the food service industry as well as food processors, retailers, and distributors, Griffith Laboratories offers a global variety of customized products including seasoning systems, texture and coating solutions, sauces, dough blends, and a variety of proprietary food-safety systems. Griffith’s sensory scientists have developed tastes and flavors from around the globe to entice consumers including:
- Snack dips and marinades for the American on-the-go
- Thai sauces and coatings for the urban adventurer
- Comfort food flavors based on winter vegetables and rich wine sauces for a discerning palate
Going “beyond” traditional offerings, Griffith Laboratories is committed to differentiating its customers' offerings to provide a memorable culinary experience in any market. Wherever its customer is located, the company’s worldwide team of 21 chefs has developed innovative offerings based on comprehensive research and global knowledge to help food-service businesses grow throughout the world.

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