Italy is one of major turist destination in Europe, thanks to historical and art cities, beautiful coasts, great mountains and...





The most famous art and historical italian cities are:

  1. ROME

Rome is the capital city of Italy and it's also the art and history capital of the World.

You can see there Roman, Byzantine, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical and Modern art.

You can see roman and renaissance ruines and also many beautiful Baroque structures, like fountains, churches and statues.


In Florence too you can see many different types of art.

Most important monuments are the "CATHEDRAL OF SANTA MARIA DEL FIORE", The dome is made by Brunelleschi and the campanile  by Giotto;

"PONTE VECCHIO", the eldest bridge of Florence, crosses the river Arno;

"UFFIZI GALLERY", one of the most important Renaissance museum in the World;

"PALAZZO VECCHIO", the Municipality, is situated  in "PIAZZA DELLA SIGNORIA", the inner city.


Naples is one the of eldest cities in Europe.

If you go to Naples you have to visit the Royal Palace. It'a Renaissance building and it was the seat of the king of "REGNO DELLE DUE SICILIE".

Another beautiful monument is the "MASCHIO ANGIOINO", an ancient medieval castle in front of the harbor.

A particular church of Naples is the church of "GESU' NUOVO". It's a Baroque church .

If you want to see a Naples' peculiarity you have to go to "SAN GREGORIO ARMENO" street. There you can find workshop of tipical hand-made Cribs all year long.

There are many important Universities in Naples, as the "FEDERICO II" and "L'ORIENTALE".


Venice is a beautiful city, situated on the Adriatic sea.

It's really famous thanks to the channels and the tipical boats: the GONDOLE. Actually, in Venice cars cannot enter.

A beautiful building of Venice is the BASILICA OF SAN MARCO. It's a medieval Basilica.


                       ITALIAN COASTS

The most beautiful coasts of Italy are in the South: the best beaches are in Sicily, Sardinia, Calabria, Basilicata and Puglia.

They can be rocky or sandy and the sea is everytime clean and transparent, and you can also see beautiful and colorful fishes.

In summer there's everytime sun and it can be very hot.


In Sicily there are also many arcipelagos, as Eolie. They're vulcanic islands and you can rent a house there

2.  Puglia

The most famous place of Puglia is the Gargano, on the Adriatic coast.


 The most singular place in Sardinia is  "The Pink beach". It's situated in Budelli isle, in the Norht-East of Sardinia.

It's callede Pink beach because the sand is PINK!!!

4.  Calabria

Calabria is situated in the tip of italian boot.

The most singular place is CAPO RIZZUTO. There's a sandy beach surrounded by rocks. But the peculiarity is that a small castle is situated in the water, near the shore. It's joint to the shore only by a path and you can visit it. It's fantastic!!


Basilicata is situated between Calabria and Puglia. The coasts are both in the South and in the West of the region, and they're great. They are surrounded by tipical mediterrean plants and green hills. The most amazing are the caves of Maratea, on the Tirrenic coast.


                    ITALIAN MOUNTAINS

Italian mountains can be divided in two mountain ranges:

1) Alpi

2) Appennini


Alpi are the highest ones.                                   

They form a natural border between Italy and the other countries, the highest mount is Monte Bianco (4810 m), situated between Italy and France.

They're very famous thanks to  many great ski resorts.

The most famous ski resorts in Alpi are:

1)  Madonna di Campiglio

2) Cortina d'Ampezzo

3) Courmayeur

4) Tonale


Appennini spand from Ligura to Southern Italy, but they aren't as high as Alpi.                                                                  

The highest mount of Appennini is "Corno Grande" (2912 m) and it's located in Abruzzo.

The most important ski resorts of Appennini are:

1) Roccaraso

2) Abetone

3) Monte Cimone

                                                      by Alessia M. C.

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