Your survival guide to good health!


Am i the only one who has noticed that this place is disgusting? Am i the only one who has come to their senses? Am i the only one who washes their hands?!?!?!?! These conditions are out of hand. Im here to stop them.

Step 1: Dispose of the waste properly. Have a place for it to go..thats not in your water system.

Step 2: Wash hands. Create some homemade soap to be clean:) clean hands are happy hands :3 :)


Check this out. We all know that our kitchens are disgusting. Out of control. Unsanitary. We all notice the rats and bugs and mice, but nobody else knows any better. All of us have grown up in these conditions. But my travels have made me come to my senses. This. Is. The. End. Of. Unsanitary. Conditions.

Step 1: Take out any old, unwanted food.

Step 2: Clear out the rats, mice and other critters

Step 3: Mop the floors, clean the tables, wipe/clean everything down

Step 4: When cooking, wash hands, clean counters, wash dishes.

Make sure everything is clean to make sure that you will not be eating any feces or other waste matters in your food.

Sleeping Quarters

Lets get to the point here. We all hate having to share quarters, but some people cannot afford to buy a house that has rooms for every member in the household. Parents and children share, maybe even the grandparents stay in there too along with aunts and uncles. Since we have to do these, lets maintain cleanliness.

Step 1: wash clothes

Step 2: pick up any wanted trash

Step 3: keep the room straight


Lets face it. Our streets are a disgrace. Filled with trash and waste. What are we? animals? Come on people. Well i guess we don't know any better. We can do this! TOGETHER!

Step 1: STOP throwing trash/litter/waste into the streets. Thats nasty.

Step 2: Find a trashcan or garbage can.

Step 3: Gather the trash and throw it in the can.

Step 4: Find a place out in the country to place all this trash. This is where the trash will be disposed of. We don't was this landfill in our city.

Step 5: continue putting trash in trashcans and sending it off to the dump.

Water Ways

Blek! have you LOOKED at our water lately?.. Its think we actually DRINK this and cook with it....Lets clean it up some:) do a favor for mother nature.

Step 1: Stop putting trash in the water.

Step 2: invent a water filtration system.

Step 3: separate where the water goes and where your waste goes.

Step 4: keep it clean


Kitchen ware! Silverware! Surgical tools!

We are nasty people......we are so not civilized. We don't wash our pots and pans...we don't wash our silverware....AND we don't EVEN wash our SURGICAL TOOLS!!! How would you like to eat off a fork someone else ate off and not been washed? How would you feel if you had to have surgery and all they did was wipe the blood off the tool....I would feel pretty nasty. There are germs out there people...HEELLLOOO!! Smallpox! Dysentary! measles! Leprocy! Typhus! Black plague! Yellow spotted fever! syphilis! ALL of these we have even more risks getting without come on people..

Step 1: grab the untensil

Step 2: rinse it off

Step 3: use soap and water throughly and wash the untensil

(be careful with the surgical tools, use alcohol to cleanse them)

Step 4: rinse off

Step 5: dry off

Step 6: put in a dry, clean place

This here people are things that we need to get rid of...there are ways to help get rid of them also! Reading this could save your life!! Wonder why so many people die? Because of unclean conditions. Get the message people. Stop polluting and start living:)

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