Quarter 1 Environmental Science

On Wednesday, Christi and I decided to spend an hour and a half at a park near her house. While we were there, we saw that children were playing in the playground area with their parents. They looked delighted to be able to spend some time outside with friends and mothers. While walking around, we decided to sit on a porch-like structure that was built over the pond, pictured above. There we saw an older man laying on a bench reading a newspaper. We took the required pictures, then I turned my phone off. when i looked around at the pond, the first thing I thought was " hey, someone needs to go trim everything up down there." But then I stopped and looked again--the mess and mixture of dead and alive is what makes nature beautiful. We need the death of some plants and animals to give birth to others. If you try and tame nature, you ruin it. It is in the non-uniformity of the world that you see the true nature of life and how things work. She and I laid in the park for a long time, just talking or observing birds and squirrels. I realized that the time I spent there relaxed me. I needed to unwind after such a long week and school year. I felt at peace with everything; and even though you could hear the busy cars and trucks on Cicero not far away, you were surrounded by children's laughter and the wonderful jumble of nature's sound. I believe that Environmental Science is a class I was interested in because I love being in nature, but I never have time. Being in this class has given me an excuse to go sit and relax without distractions of a high school life.When we observe nature, we reopen our eyes to the beauty of the world around us, and we are reminded of why we need to protect the environment.


This article is about the drought in California. Different parts of CA have imposed different restrictions on water use from a rationing system to a limitation on watering outside. The drought has effected the agriculture and animal population throughout CA. Residents have been switching to more water friendly systems in their homes and farmers have cut unnecessary uses of water throughout the state.

My sister just moved to San Jose, CA, in June to recruit for the Air Force. She said that her building is very strict about the water usage and closely monitors each tenant. The drought in CA is not new to this year, it has always been going on, but been getting progressively worse. If the US could find a way to filter salt water into fresh water, the problem of water shortage would me


Australia is installing a new solar panel grid in the shape of a heart. They chose the heart shape to show that the project is environmentally friendly. the grid will be able to power 750 homes. They need to be sure that the grid is able to resist large storms in the area.

i believe that we are making steps towards a greener future. we need to all be aware of the effect we have on this earth and need to learn to respect and love what we have. I believe that solar energy is a good solution to the energy problem and i hope that the world sees the steps that Australia is taking and chooses to join in the effort.


This is a short article on sustainable agriculture int the US. According to the article, food shortages will exceed 8 billion by 2030.

I have modern world issues this semester at Marist, and we discussed the environmental problems the first few weeks. Mr. Pacek said, and i agree, the the problem isn't food shortages, we're using corn for fuel right now. The problem is distribution and lack of motivation to innovate and find a new alternative.

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I'm so glad to see you are relaxing and making connections to nature and to other classes! Great job! Late = 48/50