Francois's Langur

by. Aspaisa Youngbird, Celina Martinez (3rd period)

The Francois's Langur is a medium sized primate monkeys. It has very well-defined white sideburns that can grow down to its ears to the corners of its cheeks.

The Francois's Langur lives in a tropical rainforests in China and Vietnam .

A Francois's Langur eats shoots, fruits, flowers, and bark.

Francois's Langur do have some predators, but humans are the ones that kill them for bush meat and ''medicinal'' purposes.

Francois's Langur is endangered because of people in China using them for meat and "medicinal" purposes. There are less than 500 left in Vietnam.

The level danger of the Francois's Langur is level 6 out of 10. In China 1400-1600 are left in the species.