Growth of NGO in India

The concept of global sustainable development, shared planet and relatedness are the core elements of expansion and growth. It tied together the concern of carrying capacity with social, political and economic challenges faced by mankind.

It has to meet the needs of the present without compromising on the ability of the future generation to meet their own needs. Sustainable energy is one of the aspects of development. Clean energy that lasts for a longer period of time like solar energy, tidal energy, wind energy etc, can be used to manifest power instead of fossil fuels. Many organizations like the Reliance foundation have helped in sustainable development though this and more basic requirements.

Reliance foundations and its work: For a healthy, productive and beautiful life every individual should have the physical and economic access to a basic hygiene and sanitation conditions. With better education, people will be well equipped to have a better lifestyle and will understand the importance of personal care and health care. Access to safe drinking water, importance f a balanced diet, clean air, sanitation and primary health care are some of substantial concepts of sustainable development. Educating them about diseases like AIDS and cancer will help in spreading awareness through word of mouth and promote a healthy attitude amongst them. Reliance foundation helps to empower through education to participate and conduct heath rallies to reach more number of people.

Role of NGO in India:

Changing purchasing power and wasteful consumption is directly putting a lot of pressure on the natural resources of the nation. Desirable limits and standards of living need to be established in certain areas with proper mechanism. People need to adopt a more environmental friendly approach for development, one that will not harm the eco-system around us but at the same time provide benefits of a modern lifestyle. NGO in India helps in this kind of work and promote sustainable development through their efforts and knowledge. They evaluate and make development decisions which lead to a more sustainable society.

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