Leo Padilla History


1. Why was Jerusalem important to your group

2. The reason for the Crusades based on your group's point of view

3. The effects of the Crusades on your group

4. Your group's perception of other groups


1.Jerusalem is important to the Jews as it is considered a Holy City that God chose for the building of his temple. It is also where the Jewish faith started. Whenever Jews pray they face towards Jerusalem as it is the focal point of prayer for the Jews.

2.The Jews hated the crusades because the crusades devastated the Jewish Rhineland. Also the itinerant preachers were only interested in exploiting the Jews financially, demanding money for provisions. The peasant groups were much more dangerous. These bands coalesced around a charismatic leader and engaged in spontaneous violence against Jews.

3.The Crusades were rising hostility to the Jews. More and More Christians believed that all non-Christians were their enemy. On their way to Palestine, some Crusaders massacred European Jews and continued the killing in Palestine. After the Crusades, Jews were expelled from England in 1290 and from France in 1306 and again in 1394.

4. Jews did not hate europeans and they certainly dont want Islam to take over europe nobody in their right mind wants that to happen.

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