By: Mason Peña

This is the Cuban Flag

Facts About Cuba

  • Population- 11.2 million
  • Currency is the peso
  • National Language is spanish, Haitian Creole, Lucumi, Catalan, and English
  • Capital city is Havana
  • 2 Neighboring countries are Mexico and USA

Map Of Cuba

Mexico and the Untied States are 2 major neighboring countries of Cuba.

3 Famous Places In Cuba

Havana is the capital city in Cuba.

Trinidad is a beautiful place to visit in Cuba.

Baracoa is also a beautiful place to visit in Cuba.

3 Expressions They Use

asere- friend, mate

jama- food

filtro- smart person

They use these expressions for communication.

Food and Drinks In Cuba

Drinks- Tea and Beer ect.

Food- Aroz Con Gri and Cows ect.

These are some of the foods they eat. These are some of the drinks they drink.

Climate And Geography

The land is flat and has a coastline all the around the island.

The climate is tropical and moderated by trade winds.

This is the weather and what the land is like in Cuba.

The Most Recent Event In Cuba

The most recent event is that in June 2012, they Cuba re-imposed customs on all food imports. This means that after the hurricane they had, their families were giving food to the Cuba. They were able to get first aid while they were getting food. This helps people recover what they have lost which they lost a lot. They were being helped by the United States. They wanted to help them because the US felt like they needed to help them out.

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