A landslide is the sliding down of a mass of earth or rock from a mountain or cliff.

Where do landslides happen?

Landslides usually occur around fault lines and mountainous areas.

Why do landslides happen there?

Landslides happen along fault lines and mountainous regions because of the difference in elevation caus edit by fault lines. The physical processes that cause landslides are heavy rainfall, flooding, and natural erosion. Human processes that cause landslides are erosion from agriculture and mining. The blasting techniques in mining disrupt the soil and loosens rocks and and overturning soil in agriculture loosens soil and makes the land more succeptible to erosion which could lead to landfalls.

What are the costs in life and property of landfalls?

- Houses are crushed

- Telephone lines are damaged

- Spilled petroleum flows into rivers, polluting the water

-Deaths, injuries

-Roads/transporting routes

-Buildings collapse

-1-2 billion dollars each year is spent in the US to recover from landslide damages

How do people adapt to and prepare for landslides?

-Avoid building near steep slopes, close to mountain edges, near drainage ways or along natural erosion valleys.

-Protect your property by planting ground cover on slopes and building retaining walls.

-If you are in areas susceptible to landslides and debris flows, consider leaving if it is safe to do so.

Interesting Facts

The fastest landslide ever recorded went 186 miles per hour!

Most landslides occur in the US.

Landslides don't just occur on Earth. Throughout the solar system there has been evidence that landslides have occurred, on Mars and Venus specifically.

The surface of Mars.

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