Grunn Funeral Home

Grunn Funeral Home Serves Ohio and Kentucky Communities

About Grunn Funeral Home

Grunn Funeral Home is a memorial services company that serves the people of several communities in Ohio and northern Kentucky. From its locations in Cincinnati and Dayton, Grunn Funeral Home offers a range of funeral and casket options.

In 2008, Eric Lusain founded Main Street Casket Company to offer wholesale prices on caskets to the general public in Ohio. Four years later, Mr. Lusain partnered with Robert Grunn, a funeral director with more than 22 years of experience, to form a full-service funeral home.

The company offers two options for cremation services and three traditional burial service options. Direct cremation is the company’s most basic service, and it includes transportation of the body to a crematorium, basic funeral director services, and a cremation casket and urn. The company’s premium funeral service includes transportation of the body, funeral director services, embalming, an 18-gauge casket, a two-hour church service, funeral programs, a memorial DVD, and other memorial items.

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