Canada Tourism

By Kenji Vang and Bailey Willson

About Canada Government

Canada has a parliament government. A parliament is a legislative body with three different houses. The head of the government is called the prime minister. The current prime minister is Stephen Harper. The goods that are exported and imported into Canada make it very prosperous.Exporting is sending goods to other countries and importing is receiving goods from other countries.

Interesting things about Canada

The citizens of Canada can also be called first nation which is another name for Canadians. Canadians in Canada are bilingual being able to speak more than one language. Canada has a unique transportation corridor (a network of transportation linked together) called the St.Lawrence seaway. It is connected to the great lakes letting ships in the great lakes to sail out to sea. There are also many transportation barriers (anything natural that slows transportation and movement). An example are glaciers that slow down boating.

Top thing to do in Canada

  • Niagara Falls is one of the top places to visit in Canada. You can take a two day tour from Montreal to Niagara falls and Toronto.
  • Banff and Jasper national park are great places to go. They have legendary natural marvels that are just as great as anything ancient Romans built.
  • If you want to go see polar bears a great place to go see them is in Churchill, Manitoba. There is a two day trip that will introduce you to the polar bears at at comfortable level.

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