Pumpkins and Witches and Ghosts

We  learned about Halloween. Its about pretty and scary costumes. You can put up spiders and webs and ghost.

The Celts hunted for ghosts thousands of years ago for Samhain on October 31st. The lit fires to help friendly ghosts and scare away bad ghost. Now kids dress up like ghosts.

Jack o Lanterns have fire inside. They have scary faces to scare people and evil spirits away. They used to use turnips, now we use pumpkins.

You have to say trick or treat because that was a good thing started in England.

Witches are symbols of the evil spirits on Earth. Blacks cats are symbols too. Bats suck up blood like vampires and people used to believe owls were wicked and evil.

We like play parties and dressing up like scary costumes, princess costumes, and maybe even the Roadrunner and Rapunzel.

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