Lymphangitis Project : By Jazilyn Powell

What Is Lymphangitis?

A lymphangitis is caused by a fluid of the tissues to the bloodstreams

Lymphangitis is a swelling part of the system and it is one of the major parts of the immune systems. It consists of organs ,cells ,ducts,and glands which can be found in the body but moslty in the jaw and in the groin.

Lymphatic includes :

- bone marrow

- spleen

-thymus (a small organ located in the upper chest that helps white blood cells develop)

Symptoms of lymphangitis


-swollen glands


-general ill feeling


-ache muscles

TREATED BY: antibiotics , to treat infection

-pain medication

-anti-flammatory medication, to reduce swelling

-surgery ,to drain any abscesses that may have formed

-(IV) antibiotics given directly into the veins

If No Complications occur, antiobiotics are effective in more than 90% of cases,only true if complications havent oocur and a full recovery if it occur it may take weeks or months.