Abigail's Tackk

My Best friends

Friends come and go but best friends will  stick together through the years. In elementary  I met most of my best friends that I have up to this day. However, others of my best friends  such as Stephanie, I met in Junior High. It does not matter who I met first because we have become they are all my best friends and I know I can count on them. Having my best friends with me every step of the way leading up to our graduation day has been a great experience. We have made many great memories throughout the years, from playing in the playground to funny moments singing in the car.We have stuck together through the years although we may have had difficult times in which we could not spend as much time together or see each other enough. I would not trade my best friends or the memories we have made for anything in the world. Although we will sooner or later go our separate ways, I know we will always keep in contact or at least remember the great moments we had during school.

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