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July 24, Wesley - Johnson said the fresh new season, the Clippers talk to any team under western culture confrontation. The summertime, Johnson signed using the Clippers, the 2 sides signed a 2-year's worth is $ 1.a million base salary.

"The c's added those players, there' also located the c's, I think we can easily easily fight with any team." Johnson said. As 2010 will be the fastrsandcheapfifa, the Lakers last season, Johnson averaged 9.9 points and 4.2 rebounds contribution, three point shot was 35.1%.

Johnson said he may be looking towards playing like a good team, he was quoted saying: "I'd prefer assist you to Buy Fifa 16 Coins at, those teams Used to do stayed very bad, so very lucky, I now search for a good team. " In the summer time, the Clippers re-signed DeAndre Jordan and Austin Rivers, signed free wheeler  Paul Pierce, Josh Smith, Johnson, Pablo jope and Cole Aldridge and signed rookie Brandon Dawson.

"I really believe we better, but we have to recover, in a number of ways the west have become for being better." Clippers coach Doug  Rivers said.