City web map project
san diego,california

Project by zaahira basil
crossroads@meade-computer science class

San diego introduction

San Diego, "the Birthplace of California," is a city of many guises. It is not only a major naval base and an important natural harbor, but it is also a top tourist attraction and resort area, a prominent high-technology, aerospace, and aviation production community, and a fertile agricultural area. San Diego's port and its proximity to Mexico give the city an international flavor, and a revitalized downtown area adds to the exciting atmosphere. The mild climate attracts many new residents and industries each year. A nondescript town until the 1940s, San Diego now has more than 1.2 million residents and is California's second largest city. San Diego's phenomenal growth has brought it well-deserved national attention. The city keeps this growth balanced by careful preservation of history and a strong emphasis on art, culture, and recreation.

city facts- san diego

Year founded-1541
Latitude-32.1750 N
Longitude-117.1625 W
Population-1.3 million
Time zone-Pacific
Mayor-Todd Gloria