How to Draw: Spiderman

                                              By Kenedi Kitch #15

Do you like to draw? If so, this is the Tackk for you.In this tackk you will learn how to make Spiderman in just 9 easy steps.


   In this tackk I will show you tips,steps,desine and how to draw the head of Spiderman.After this tackk I want you to be better at drawing.That is my goal!!!!!


   When you draw you want to keep a very steady hand.Your always going to want a sharp pencil because the detailing on Spiderman is very tricky.Make shure you have a backup pencil and a decent eraser, dont use the eraser on the end of your pencil!, it will rip the paper.If you dont have much expeirence drawing, I sugest looking at a picture.And remeber If you out line in sharpie try to use a thin sharpie.


   When you design Spiderman use a sharp pencil, and when you do the webs make it curve like in an actual web.I would sudjest doing the design last, so your focused on that not finishing the drawing.When you do the mustle make it curve but dont make it to big or he will look weird.Just remeber, start small when you drawl.


   Draw an oval with lines were you want the eyes, mouth, and nose to be.Draw lightly so you can erase if you need to.He has an easyer face cuz he weres a mask but still do your best work.When you draw the eyes make an upside down smiley face, but make sure that the side closest to the nose is lower than the other side, then draw a line conecting the eyes.


   There are 9 steps to drawing spiderman.

Step1:Draw a oval with lines across the face thoughs are guide lines.

Step2:Draw rounded squares.

Step3:Draw arm guide lines.

Step4:Draw leg guide lines.

Step5:Ad mustle around all the guide lines.

Step6:Draw web design on face and make the fingers.

Step7:Continue drawing web design on thee rest of the body.

Step8:Erase guide lines and add black lines.

Step9:Color, then show it off!!!!!


   I made this Tackk to help you to get better at drawing, I hope you did and I hope you learned some new things on drawing spiderman. Just remember my tips,design,steps and  how to draw the head of Spiderman.Hope you liked it.  


Detailing:Designing the smaller features on a drawing.

Guide lines:A lightly marked line used as a guide.

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