Lexie Gebhardt

I love music, its a great pass time to have, I listen to music when I'm bored, upset or doing any type of work. The type of music I listen to the most is Country. My favorite artist is Rascall Flatts.


I'm a big horse person, I use to ride them all the time. Nothing is better then having a friend when no one else is. They are great to have because they help with farming, or getting to places. However they are a pain to take care of and clean after.


Strawberries are my weakness, I love them and could eat them all day if I could. Did you know that eating strawberries helps whitening teeth, and they don't have calories. (which makes them even better.)


One of my goals is to graduate high school.

My other goal is to go to collage and get a good job.

My last goal is to save money and have a nice car, and house

place you want to go


If I were to travel to one place, it would have to be Kentucky, because its a place with open space. Also to see there capital flower the  goldenrod. Did you know that Kentucky's song is called "Old Kentucky Home".

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