Polo Basics: Get Your Polos Right Every Time

If we talk about men’s formal clothing, it is mostly a combination of shirts, trousers, jackets, etc. However, when we come to casual clothing, there is a little more variation and scope for colors. A man’s casual wardrobe is dominated by T-shirts and jeans. There is a lot of scope to experiment in T shirts. There are a variety of T shirts that people can wear according to their personalities. One can choose from a lot of designs such as graphic, statement, or striped tees. There are options of neck designs like collar neck, turtleneck etc.

Here we’ll focus on collar tees, also known as polo T-shirts. Polo T-shirts derive their name from the game of polo as they have been the uniform for playing polo. However, the design was first introduced for tennis players. Over the time, polos have remained a wardrobe staple for most men, just refusing to go out of style.

Polos are fun as well as formal. You can wear polo with almost anything – jeans, chinos, khakis, you name it – and always look good. Be it movies, hanging out with friends, or catching a cup of coffee with your woman, there is nothing as quick and effective as a polo. As far semi-formal goes, remember Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf Of Wall Street? Well, can anything look more dapper?

So, that was about how awesome polos are. Let’s take a look at how to make them look great.

  • To button or not: If buttoning up your polo all the way doesn’t make you look like you have dressed for suicide, go for it, otherwise, opening up the first two buttons works fine.
  • Stop tucking: Polo T shirts are not made for tucking in, leave that for your dress shirts. Ideally, a polo should end at the middle of your trouser’s fly.
  • Fit matters: For sports, get the classic fit. A slim-fit would do for the rest.
  • Color them right: For semi-formal events, wear something in solid colors such as grey, navy, or blue. For causal occasions, dress up in bright colors. While wearing dark solid colors, chinos would be preferable over jeans so that there isn’t an overdose of dark. If red is your color, balance it out with navy jeans and white plimsolls.

With polos, you can be a old Hollywood rich actor one day with pressed trousers, loafers and shades, and hipster cool the next with bright colors – reds, fuchsia, neon green – and jeans topped with sunnies. For the Indian heat, there is nothing better than polos t shirt to wear to office on casual Fridays. And there is nothing better than online shopping to check out some cool stuff and get them delivered to your home.
How do you wear your polos? Let us know through the comments section.

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