Google Slides for Parent Communication

Google ‘Slides is an easy-to-use presentation program that provides the same format as Microsoft PowerPoint did with all of the extra magical features as the rest of the Google Apps suite of programs. It is linear overall, but hyperlinks can be used to create links between slides or to external sites. There are hundreds of uses for Google Slides.

One of the neat ways that you can use Google Slides is for parent communication in the form of a weekly or monthly newsletter!

Any Google file...whether it is a Google Doc word processing file, a Google Presentation/Slideshow, a Google Spreadsheet, a Google Drawing, or a Google Form is a LIVE document on the other has a "web presence" and is basically a "website."

Therefore, when you change the sharing settings* and make it "public on the web," anyone can access it just like they would access any other website. By making sure that your sharing settings are set to "View Only*," you can easily transform your Google file into a dynamic "website."

In the case of teachers sharing information with parents or students, the goal becomes getting your audience there the first time. If you can instruct them to BOOKMARK* the page, they'll always be able to return for updates.

To get them there the first time, emailing the link is the easiest method. However, we don't always have every parent's email address. So, if you send the URL in a paper note home, you'll need to shorten the URL using a "URL shortener." Remind parents that the shortened URL is case sensitive, and remind them to BOOKMARK* the page once they are there!