We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them - Albert Einstein.

What Will Be The Future
Of The

At the moment Cosmologists are leaning towards the view of the universe will expand forever. But to collect this information about the universe they have to look at the density that the universe has and the take estimates on what will be the future of the universe. Whether it will be the ending of it or the expansion of a new interstellar universe.

Heat Death

The universe is running down various forms such as gravitational nuclear thermal , etc.

The universe will soon reach the same temperature. This is because heat goes from hot to cold everything in the universe will  be cold an have no form of heat anywhere. There will be no point of life in the universe at this point and any form of life will extinct.  

The Death Of Stars

The way stars die depends in their masses stars with masses similar to the sun end as white dwarfs. And stars with a much more larger mass will end up in a devastating super nova explosion. if the core has a mass of less than a few solar masses it become a neutron star. And if the core is much more massive it becomes a black hole. New stars are  continuously being created from interstellar gas and some gas is being recycled from supernova explosions. But soon all the gas will be used and star formation will end.

The final generations of stars will have reached the end of their life cycle. And the universe will only consist of galaxies populated with white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes.

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