Tulle Angel

I made this Angel as a gift for the holidays.

Super fun and easy project, however, takes patience and MANY hours.


  • 12 yards of tulle
  • Scissors
  • floral wire (paddle)
  • Ruler or straight-edge
  • 24" raffia doll
  • 24" tomato cag
  • 50 white string lights
  • Ribbon
  • Star Garland
  • Bolt cutters (or wire cutters and someone REALLY strong)
  • Butterfly (large)
  • floral picks of your choice.
  • hot glue gun


1. Use ruler and cut 2' sections of tulle.                                                                  Unroll the bolt, but keep it folded. Cut out the tulle and set aside, you will need 17 pieces.

2. Cut the top ring out of the tomato cage. After this is done you will need to bend the "legs" inward and up to a point so that all three spokes are together.

3. Wrap the tomato cage with the lights. Make sure you start at the top and work your way down. Add the doll to the top and secure with hot glue and wire.

4. Fold the tulle pieces accordion style (about 2"). You will need about 2' of wire and you will push the wire through the accordion fold AT THE TOP (the unfolded side. When complete (1 sections) wrap the "skirt" around the waist of the doll and attach with the excess wire. Use a little of the excess tulle to give the doll a top. (I use a crisscross pattern.)

5. Cover the butterfly with the last 2' section of Tulle. Wrap the wings carefully and attach to the back of the doll with wire and/or glue.

6. Add the finishing touches. Add floral picks that you like into the hands of the doll using a glue gun.  Fashion a bow out of your ribbon and attach to the front so that you do not see the stems of the picks. Then, using the star garland, you can make a halo if you wish, but this is used for the filling in of the angel wings.  Three loops on either side, secured in the middle and attach BETWEEN the doll and her wings.

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7 months ago

do you have a video tutorial for this, its beautiful

6 months ago

Would like to make this angel

6 months ago

would love to see a video of this would lok great with my trees i made😍

6 months ago

do you have a tutorial for this angel

5 months ago

Do you have a tutorial for this angel?

5 months ago

i would love to see a vedeo on how to make this..

2 months ago

A tutorials would be very helpful