Neptune the big blue

Don't miss the once-in-a-life-time atmosphere

The Ridiculously Amazing Big Blue

Neptune is the furthest planet from the sun.Its temperature drops down to negative two hundred eighteen degrees celsius.You would probably need a heat suit and many layers of coats.Neptune has one of the most brutal weathers in the solar system.Make sure to save up for a space glider to fly over the brutal storms.Planet Neptune has groups of storms which encircle the entire planet.Astronomers have recorded winds traveling up to two one hundred km/h.You might want to get a seat belt on your glider to keep you on.Weather is so harsh on this planet, the cold climate may have something to do with it.Since the planet is so cold this may decrease the friction on the planet.This may cause the wild winds that whirl around Neptune.Neptune is a planet made of gas, but not entirely.So I recommend you get a space camper to keep your food and water in because it does not have a solid ground.It is actually the top part of clouds.If you could dive right down, beneath the surface of Neptune,all you would find is an interior with increasing temperatures and pressures to the rocky core.Also Neptune is made of hydrogen,helium,methane,water, and other ices.Most likely you would need many oxygen tanks to keep you alive and maybe even oxygen bubbles to go around the space glider and camper. Neptune has a larger amount of ices, because of this the planet has the bright blue color.

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