Following a pair of Adidas Sandals

Matthew Robinson


Globalization - A process of increasing international trade arising from the sharing of ideas, technology, and cultures.

Cultural Globalization - the transmission of ideas, meanings and values around the world in such a way as to extend and intensify social relations.

Technological Globalization - the increase in the exchange of ideas, technology and products across country borders

Economic Globalization - the increasing economic integration and interdependence of national, regional and local economies across the world through an increase of cross-border movement of goods, services, technologies and capital.

Environmental Globalization -  Environmental resources impact how and where globalization takes place and globalization affects the environment with pollution and an impact on ecosystems.

My product, a pair of Adidas sandals, was first made in Germany in a factory. It was then sent to a distribution center in Germany. Next it was sent to a distribution center in the U.S. It was then sent to a warehouse in the United States. Lastly it sent from the warehouse to my house after it was ordered online.

The population density of Germany is largest in the east. However in Bremen, near the factory, there is a large population density. On the natural resources there is a red spot near Bremen representing manufacturing. There is also an airport near the factory shown in the transportation map.

Claim: Population and manufacturing is based off the natural resources in an area. More resources mean more jobs and more opportunity. This increases population. Natural resources also affect transportation in the area. Where there are natural resources, population increases and factories are created. To ship out the products produced from the factories, transportation is needed.


1. (Environmental) One large problem with globalization is the increased use of fossil fuels and other resources. By products being sent globally more natural resources are used up quicker. This increase of trade and business also creates more carbon emissions and pollution, harming the environment.

2. (Economic) Another problem with globalization is the outsourcing jobs to foreign countries. This is done because workers in less industrialized countries will work for less money in industrialized countries. This means there is less work in industrialized countries causing unemployment to be high in some industrialized countries.

3. (Technology) Globalization causes a decrease in new ideas. With the excessive sharing of technology, new ideas are becoming hard to find. A business can simply reverse engineer a product to find out how it works then recreate it and make more profit than inventing a new product. This causes businesses to copy each other's ideas rather than come up with their, decreasing new technology.

4. (Culture) With globalization many cultures are interwoven in countries. This means that there is less of a sense of diverse cultures and more of one main culture. This can cause some cultures and traditions to be forgotten. This causes cultures to lose their uniqueness lessening the diversity of the world.

My Solution: For the first problem, a solution could be found in renewable resources. Some examples include biomass for fuel, or solar power. If these resources were used more globally and frequently there would be less harm done to the environment, and more natural resources would be preserved.


There are many pros to globalization:

Globalization helps lower prices, produces higher quality goods, provides jobs. It also has increased international trade, and the average lifespan of a person.

However, there are also cons:

Globalization can spread disease more rapidly, increase terrorism and poverty, and can send jobs overseas. Globalization can also cause financial crises and can hurt the environment.


Globalization impacts me and almost every person on the Earth everyday. The covers I sleep under, the clothes that I put on, and the food that I eat for breakfast are all examples of globalization. Most if not all of the things I listed are from out of the country and are here because globalization has caused the increased of trade which brought them here.

In the future, when I am working, globalization will be even bigger. More products will be exchanged globally and more ideas and cultures will be shared world-wide. This will impact my career and my life because I will have to work in a globalized world. The company I am employed at will most likely work with companies around the world adding to the increase of international contact and communication.

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