Qin dynasty

My name is jake i'm in 6th grade and I will tell you about the Qin Dynasty  

The emperor of the Qin Dynasty was named Qin. He was born in 256 B.C.E. At 221 B.C.E emperor Qin was the ruler of all of China. Ideas adopted by the emperor-harsh punishments and strict laws

  • How he maintained power- he maintained his power by harsh measures
  • Key steps
  • Examples of laws- strict laws and harsh punishments.
  • Belief system the laws were based off of- legalism
  • Types of punishments- torture, slavery
  • Conditions when building the Great Wall-if you died during the building the great wall of china
  • Why the Great Wall was impenetrable- it was made out of strong bricks and was very tall and long
  • What the leader did to discourage and end opposition-Emperor of Qin introduced to unify and protect China drew a great deal of opposition.
  • Conflicts the emperor had-The conflict between the emperor and the scholars grew worse during a royal banquet in 213 B.C.E
  • Choices by some scholars- The scholar warned that the Qin dynasty would not endure unless the emperor followed the ways of the past.
  • His fear of death and what he tried to do- searched for a magic potion
  • Details of the emperor’s tomb- it had all his riches and an brick army
  • What happened at the end of the Qin Dynasty- people joined the revolt
  • The name of ruler- liu bang
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