By:Jessie Mckenzie

How to see if the shapes are similar

How to determine if the images are similar

                                                      EXAMPLE 1: tRIANGLES ARE SIMILAR

*!st- Translate the image so that the first point matches the first point on the other figure

*2nd--you have to see if the shapes are congruent by making ratios                                        For example: if you have a shape that is smaller and one that is bigger then you could see if all of the ratios match up like if one ratio is 5:4 then all the others should be 5:4 also                                                                                                                                        and that's how you figure out if it is CONGRUENT

Example 2:two rectangles are similar

  First you have to see if the orientation is the same on both.                                                *first step is to Rotate the figure so the orientation would be the same.                             * second step:you have to make a ratios comparing both sides to see if the figure is similar. {Remember that to see if they are similar with the ratios you have to see if all ratios are equal to each other}

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